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Jen něco málo přes polovinu britských rekreantů nyní každoročně čerpá dvě nebo více prázdnin

něco přes
něco přes
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For the first time, the majority of British travellers are taking two or more holidays a year, reveals research released today (Monday 5 November) by World Travel Market London.

A survey for WTM London showed that 51% have been on holiday at least twice this year – with a fifth of us taking three or more trips.

Brits took an estimated 106 million holiday trips in 2017, with more than half of holidays (59 million trips) being in the UK and the rest (46.6 million) being overseas trips.*

WTM London asked UK holidaymakers how many holidays they took this year – both in the UK and overseas. This year is the first time the majority of people (51%) have taken more than one holiday – equating to an estimated 54 million trips – in the past decade.

A third (32%) said they have had two holidays in 2018 (representing about 34 million trips), with 12% going on three holidays (13 million trips) and 7% going on four or more holidays (7.5 million trips).

The research showed that the single most popular destination was the UK, reflecting the staycation trends seen in the official figures. For those packing their passports, the most popular overseas resorts were in Spain, France, the US and Italy.

And while we’re away, it seems lounging by the pool or seaside is becoming a minority sport – 49% of respondents said this was what they wanted most from a holiday. Sightseeing was the top activity, cited by 77% of respondents, followed by ‘cultural experiences’ at 60%.

World Travel Market London’s Paul Nelson said: “Perhaps it’s a reflection of the heatwave that we enjoyed during summer 2018, but it’s interesting to see that the staycation is still strong.

“And despite some concerns about the economy, it seems that Brits are determined to pack up their troubles and head for a holiday, whether it be domestic or overseas – with more of us now able to afford two or more holidays.

“Anecdotally, we’re hearing that more people are booking city breaks during Easter or Christmas in addition to their main summer-sun holiday, and travellers are getting clever about how they use their annual leave around bank holidays to maximise their time away. It seems that the traditional peak season fortnight holiday is on the wane.

“Abta estimated that about 2.2 million Brits went overseas for the August bank holiday this year, and 2.1 million over Easter.

“And some parents are even content to pay a fine and take their kids out of school during term time as they know it will still be cheaper to take a break outside of the peak season.

“At the other end of the demographic spectrum, the empty-nesters and silver surfers are free to take as many holidays a year as they can afford, and whenever they like – and they represent a lucrative market for the travel trade.”

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